Cashmere Bowling Club

Cashmere Bowling Club

Welcome to the Cashmere Bowling Club

We welcome all long-standing and new members to Cashmere Bowling Club for another summer of lawn bowls. This Club continues to provide excellent facilities for our sport, at the most competitive, or social and casual levels.

Presidents Message

The Cashmere Bowling Club welcomes all members,new and longstanding, at all levels of experience and competitive aspiration, for the 90th year of this Club. We continue a long tradition, in a perfect location, of providing excellent facilities for social interaction and sporting endeavour.

The 2014/15 season will be another important and fulfilling chapter in the proud history of this Club. The last few years have seen very considerable effort by many hardworking people as we have coped with the outcomes of the seismic traumas in our personal and collective experience. As I write this, our greens are in yet another phase of recovery from earthquake damage. The extensive work that our maintenance and green keeping teams have completed will manifest in excellent greens for the new season. I therefore particularly acknowledge those efforts on behalf of all who will enjoy the outcomes during the coming and future summer seasons.

Our Club continues to be a very active participant in the local lawn bowls competitions. We will again enter fully in the Bowls Canterbury interclub competitions, and carry the Cashmere flag with the usual pride and competitive determination for success.

We welcome competing teams to Crichton Terrace with the normal resolve to win, but always with the hospitable friendliness that is part of our sport and a long-established tradition of our Club. I encourage all members to take advantage of the excellent facilities at this Club, to fulfil personal aspirations from playing our game, but also from the social interactions that the Club provides. The Club Executive and operations committees are working diligently to make the 90th season of the Club firstly successful, but, more importantly, satisfyingly enjoyable.

Have a great season!!

Richard Falloon