About Us

Bowls New Zealand is the national governing body of lawn bowls, working with 560 clubs around the country and committed to the practice and development of lawn bowls throughout New Zealand.

Bowls is a sport steeped in history and community, with many bowling clubs being over 100 years old and playing a huge part in community development as social hubs. However it is also a sport which is moving forwards. Bowls New Zealand supplies leadership, administration and governance that will assist the progression, and increase popularity of the sport.

Established in 1996 when the New Zealand Bowls Association and the Womens Bowls Association were separate, the first job was to amalgamate both and create one single governing body. This was a huge task for any association bringing men and women together to share in the enjoyment of the sport. Through perseverance and dedication we now see successful Mixed Pairs tournaments and a combined National Championships.

We at Bowls New Zealand have the vision to be the best bowling country, something which all of our participants, athletes, coaches, staff, funders, sponsors and supporters are helping us to achieve.

Bowls New Zealand is committed to the mission; "Bowls is enjoyable, entertaining and accessible to all New Zealanders now and into the future" and holds strong values of enjoyment, growth, sharing, honour and success.

With a strong traditional base, casual players who turn out for a roll up, more youth involved than ever before and world class athletes, bowls is continually challenging the stereotype.

Bowls NZ - Winners of 2013 Gender Diversity in Sport Governance 

At the 2013 Inaugral Women in Governance Awards Bowls NZ was awarded the Gender Diversity in Sport Governance award. 

Chair Cushla McGillivray who accepted the award bought light to the developments within Bowls New Zealand which have lead to this achievement. 

"The gender balance around our advertised and appointed roles has occurred through a transparent and skills based appointment process, not as a result of a written diversity policy. It is heartening to see a gender mix in Board positions that are there through their achievements and skills and not via any quota system. . . It is fair to say that Bowls New Zealand is regarded as a World Leader in promoting gender equality"

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