Bowls NZ judicial Committee Decision- Bowls NZ vs Fisher, Rogan, Walker

The Bowls New Zealand Judicial Committee has reached a decision as to the allegations against Neil Fisher, Colin Rogan and John Walker. The allegations arose when the three men represented Browns Bay at the 2017 National Club Championships in the Triples discipline. The men defaulted the finals of the Triples Championship which it was considered they could reasonably have played. The allegations were the team had breached The Bowls New Zealand Code of Conduct for National Events, as well as the BNZ Constitution. The Judicial Committee conducted a heading on 21 June 2017, and based on the evidence provided has concluded that the men were in breach of the Code of Conduct clause 3.5 'Best Efforts' and in breach of the Code of Conduct and Constitution clauses relating to misconduct and also bring Bowls New Zealand, Bowls North Harbour and the Browns Bay Bowling Club into disrepute. The Committee wants to stress that not all defaults in a competition would breach these clauses, it is only when the default is unreasonable based on what an ordinary person would consider reasonable. The penalty that has been issued is that the men be suspended from all Bowls NZ Events (including any events held at Region/ Zone, Centre or Club level which may lead to qualification for a Bowls NZ event) and all championship events at any club of which they may be members for a period of 12 months from 21 June 2017. The men are also required to issue apologies. The decision as to cost has been reserved. 

Bowls NZ Judicial Decision - release.pdf 

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